So what’s next?

Interesting article from Campus Technology “The 6 Most Important Technologies To Impact Teaching and Learning in the Next 5 Years“.

These technologies include virtual assistants, flipped classrooms, gamification, the quantified self and 3-D printing.  Many of our faculty are using the flipped classroom mode check out the article for more information on using this teaching mode and those who are using it please share a comment on this blog!

Here is a interesting article on flipping! With lots of additional links!

Great info in this article.


Lync – what does it do?

Or rather what does it not do?  This program which loads on many of our computers is an easy-to-use and versatile communication tool.

Available to students, faculty and staff, Lync integrates seamlessly with email, calendar and the ECU address book to allow instant text messages, video conferences, online presentations and more. Lync also allows collaborative desktop sharing for quick project edits and live brainstorming.

One of the most-requested Lync features is the ability to invite non-ECU participants to a meeting or presentation. Click below to find out more or contact OET for assistance!



Let it snow . . . .

All does not have to stop.  Yes please all be careful but with the aid of our technological devices, we can continue to deliver course material to students during a shutdown.   Preparedness is the key.

All faculty should have all course content on blackboard or some other web site for students who can’t get to class.  Such blackboard sites need not be elaborate.  OET can help set up these “emergency” blackboard courses but it does need to be done in advance.

Students can’t make it to class but the faculty can

If a class with absences is normally scheduled in a classroom with mediasite recorders, we can simply activate the recorder during class.  We can then deliver these lectures to selected students.  Note that we have fine granularity and can make the presentation available to individual students for instructor-specified time periods.

But if you can’t make it in there is Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) which can be used from any location with an up to date operating system, Windows or Mac. Contact OET for access.

For courses currently being recorded but not normally providing viewing access to in-class students, upon faculty request we can give access to selected (or all) in-class students for a faculty-specified period of time.

Faculty absences or university closure

If we know about this enough in advance, we can make some recordings before the university shuts down.  Students can watch them during the closure since the mediasite and blackboard servers will, presumably, remain up during closure.

OET absences

OET personnel have access to all necessary equipment from home.  To such extent as the security of our own homes allows, we will continue operations as usual from home.  We can consult with faculty by e-mail, skype, lync or telephone.  We can manage mediasite recordings and delivery.  We can provide on-


Happy New Year and Happy New Rooms!

Many of our most popular classrooms were refreshed over winter break.  The refresh included a new monitor which is actually a “Smart Board” letting you annotate on any screen displayed on the computer, save your annotations and share!  

The new Document Camera by Wolfvision is much sleeker than the old one, has an enhanced camera that projects images amazingly accurate.  But remember it is a Camera so NO WRITING DIRECTLY ON THE SURFACE!  Please make sure you have paper on the surface before you start writing!

You now can use the in room cameras for Skyping or Saba Web Conferencing!

Air Media let’s your students share their laptop or even mobile device on the screen with the entire class.  Contact OET for training on any of this equipment!



As the semester ends and we prepare for a new semester . . .

Did you do something really good this past semester, did something work really well, did something not work so well?  So how to remember?  I have discovered one trick that works well for me and that is to put that information on my calendar as a reminder on my calendar prior to the next time I might need that information.

Just an idea and now for the next couple of weeks, relax, enjoy and be safe during this holiday break.  See you in 2014!


Best IPad office apps under $5

Just an article I came upon yesterday – here are some of the highlights -

Office in the cloud: CloudOn
File manager: GoodReader
PDF markup: GoodReader
Note-taking: Notability
Calculator: Calculator Original

Do you have these want to learn more just check out this article or contact this office.


Have you tried?

The new touchscreen monitor in HSB1345, just swipe your finger across and advance your PowerPoint slides.  You can annotate with either the pen (which I only know where it is hidden) or your finger.  HSB classrooms are due for refreshing and 1345 is a preview.

You also can use the new feature AirMedia which allows you to have your student(s) login  and then you can project their screen onto the “big” screen.  The refreshed rooms will also have a “bridge” which will enable use of the in room cameras for Skyping or WebConferencing.

Contact OET for a demonstration!



Yes I am speaking French as I am leaving for a trip to Southern France tomorrow! My student worker Kayla Boyer, will be covering my phone and office while I am gone.   I will be back in the office on Monday, October 14.  Mediasite recordings will be monitored by her and the ITCS techs.  Any requests she can’t handle please feel free to contact these folks for assistance.

Help Desk (Chris Motteler and Tim Smith) for this building 744-2903.
Blackboard – Matt Long, Cindy Bowers
Centra / Collaborate – John Southworth
Mediasite Troubleshooting – Jason Gurd, Jarret Shafer, Josh Brown
My Mediasite – Dennis Allen, Jason Gurd
Tegrity – Dennis Allen, Ginny Sconiers


My Mediasite Analytics

I know I sound like a broken record about lecture capture but did you know that through “My Mediasite” software you can track who is watching, how long they are watching without contacting this office.  To get access to this great resource contact OET for instructions!