Keeping your stuff safe . . .

Do you consistently create and save files to your hard drive?

Do you backup them up nightly, weekly, monthly, not at all?

Do you worry if your computer crashes?

If you see yourself guilty of any of the above think about using your Piratedrive!

Personal Piratedrive folders can be accessed through OneStop, on or off campus, or “My Computer” from a Windows PC logged into the Intra domain on campus (The “U” drive).

Faculty and staff quotas can be increased from 1 GB to 2 GB free of charge, if approved. Please enter an IT Help Desk service request. Should faculty or staff require more than 2 GB, departments may purchase additional space for a one time fee of $4.18 per GB

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In with the new . . .

Blackboard Gradebook, will now become Blackboard Grade Center when Blackboard is upgraded during Winter Break.  Academic Outreach is hosting various training sessions over the next few months. 

There will be sessions available on Centra Thursday, 11/19/09, join OET in HSB3370 to view the session at 10:30, this will give you a chance to learn about Centra and Blackboard Grade Center at the same time!


Safe Assign

A plagiarism detection tool available to you through your Blackboard course.  As this tool is used throughout the University an institutional database of content is being built.  Contact our office for assistance in using this tool.  If you have used this tool before remember to Synchronize Your Course prior to deploying a new Safe Assignment. Go to Control Panel, Safe Assign and just click.  This synchronization should be done every semester.



Can you hear me?

Not my calling circle but a large room filled with students!  If you or a guest speaker have problems projecting your voice in a classroom or other setting please contact OET.  We have for loan a portable voice amplification system.  The device, ADDvox7,” increases a user’s vocal volume up to 15db without any feedback. The ADDvox7’s lightweight headset microphone picks up the slightest whisper and can be comfortably worn for extended periods.  It is worn similar to a fannypack and the amplifier is lightweight and provides 14 hours of continuous use. ” ADDvox7

Contact our office for a demonstration.


Think About It

This blog is being posted earlier than usual to remind you to attend Think-In 2009 hosted by Academic Outreach, Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 9:00 – 12:00 in Mendenhall’s Great Room. 

“This is a great opportunity to network with colleagues and see some of the innovative strategies and learning technologies faculty are using to teach.”  CAHS will have presentations by Dr. Robert Campbell, Dr. Leonard Trujillo, Dr. Xiaoming Zeng and the OET as well!

If you can’t be there you can catch live video at this link

The OET would like to host it’s own version of a “Think-In” by having you share your own methods of best practice in teaching along with what blog tips you have incorporated into your teaching style! Please share with either a comment below or contacting the OET and we will “blog” about it.