Who sees what?

Blackboard’s new grade center gives you the ability to customize your view of the grade center by “Hiding Columns”  this can be done by either clicking on the arrows


next to each grade item  or going

to manage  from the Action Bar action_bar2 and selecting “Organize Grade Center” from this option you can hide multiple items and also rearrange the order of items.

NOTE:  columns which are hidden in your grade center are viewable by students.

If you want to have a column item be unavailable to students you must select the option “Modify Column”  from the grade items dropdown menu.  When a grade item is unavailable to students you will see this icon next to the grade item hiddengrade.  Please contact our office if you would like to schedule a session on working with grade center.


Clean it up!

Too many courses listed on your BB home page?  Can’t find your current courses?   Just click on the little pencil icon on the right side of your My Courses Banner, uncheck those courses you do not want to view on your Blackboard homepage.  The courses will no longer be listed but are easily accessible by just clicking on the pencil icon penciland checking the course you need.  Questions contact OET!


Tired old slides . . .

Want to use something different than everyone else on your PowerPoint Slides?  ” SlideFinder is a PowerPoint presentation search engine that can help you find new slides and inspiration.

SlideFinder catalogs publicly available PowerPoint presentations and indexes them by content. You can search for and download thousands of PowerPoint presentations to help with everything from ideas on how to layout your next presentation to color schemes.

Microsoft also offers additional themes, tutorials and examples at this site.

Have your own tips, tricks, or tools for making presentations better? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Check this link out on how to “Broadcast” a Powerpoint presentation.