Who, What, Where & When

Use your Outlook Calendar to help keep your work/life organized.  With many smart phones you can also sync your Outlook Calendar to your phone.  This link from Microsoft gives lots of good tips such as:

Organize Meetings

Simply select a time on your Calendar, create an appointment, and select people to invite. Outlook will help you find the earliest time at which all the people are free. When the meeting notice is sent to invitees by e-mail, each will receive a meeting request in Inbox. When they open it, Outlook notifies them if the meeting conflicts with an existing item in their Calendar, and they can accept, tentatively accept, or decline your meeting by clicking a single button. If allowed by you, as meeting organizer, invitees can counter-propose an alternate meeting time. As organizer, you can track who has accepted, declined, or counter-proposed times, simply by opening the meeting.

Contact OET if you would like to learn more and need assistance in setting up your calendar!

from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HP030759191033.aspx