Not just blue people . . .

Avatars in Second Life may look like your real-life persona or you may embellish a bit . . .

This year’s TLT Conference is being delivered via Second Life.  OET is presenting a poster on our blog.  If you are a Second Life member please stop by, if you would like to see the Second Life World and the TLT conference please stop by our offices sometime today or tomorrow and we will be glad to share with you.

Second Life Intro

Second Life at ECU

OET in Second Life


In under two minutes . . .

Here is an article on organizing email.  One of the highlights is the

The “Four D’s for Decision Making” model (4 D’s) is a valuable tool for processing e-mail, helping you to quickly decide what action to take with each item and how to remove it from the Inbox.

Decide what to do with each and every message

How many times have you opened, reviewed, and closed the same e-mail message over and over? Some of those messages are getting lots of attention but very little action. It is better to handle each e-mail message only once before taking action—which means you have to make a decision as to what to do with it and where to put it. Under the 4 D’s model, you have four choices:

  1. Delete it
  2. Do it
  3. Delegate it
  4. Defer it Read more