Did you hear what he said?

The rooms equipped with Mediasite recording equipment have now been outfitted with Audience Response Microphones so you no longer need to repeat questions for your distance listeners and class discussions can be part of your recording.  One caveat to remember as soon as the recording starts all conversations are recorded i.e., as students walk in and get settled, conversations at break time and at the end of class will be recorded unless you press the PAUSE button on the Crestron Unit or shut down the system.

Please consider adding a caution about this in the syllabus for any course that you record in the future.




Some reminders for start of semester (I know Spring just ended!)

  • If you have video links from Laupus Library you must request activation of those links each semester, request form can be found here http://www.ecu.edu/cs-dhs/mts/VideoRequest.cfm
  • Make sure your content has been rolled over to your summer classes, if not please go to this link http://www.ecu.edu/blackboard/
  • Submit your mediasite recording form or request for release of past recordings. Contact the OET for form and or additional information
  • If you are interested in using the “clickers” for your class please advise the OET what dates, times and rooms you will need the equipment.
  • Advise OET of any special software that should be loaded onto classroom computers.
  • If you have a guest speaker whose voice needs reinforcement contact the OET to reserve their voice reinforcement system.
  • For those conducting online office hours or class meetings with Centra make your reservation at this link http://centra.aos.ecu.edu/ or
  • Download Microsoft Communicator http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/communicator2007/index.cfm as another way to have real time communication with your class, the OET has webcam/microphones for loan.

Contact the OET for assistance in your start of semester preparations!


Not just your ordinary YouTube

The next time you are online watching the latest Internet craze on YouTube, take a moment to visit ECU’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/ecu. While you won’t find videos featuring the traditional YouTube fare—pop music videos, hilarious accidents, or “science” experiments featuring breath mints and diet cola—you will find a wide range of videos that represent just some of what ECU has to offer.

Content on ECU’s YouTube channel comes from departments, organizations, and individuals from across campus. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit videos of lectures, guest speakers, spirit activities, student projects, performances of the arts, sporting events, and anything else that might be of interest to the university community. Students representing campus groups or organizations who wish to post videos to the channel should contact their faculty advisor to submit videos on their behalf.

A handy tool that can be used by anyone is a hand held video camera like the Flip.  Check out the TGIF section of this blog for an interesting video filmed using a hand held available at our office.