Now where did I put it?

To find out where Firefox places your downloads go to Tools, Options, General, in the middle it says Downloads, mine says Desktop, yours might say something else.  You can designate where to save files or click the Always ask me where to save files option.


Not yabber dabber do, it’s Yammer time!

From Yammer’s website ,  “Yammer is a simple real-time communication tool for organizations.  Yammer was created by people who wanted a better way to connect and share with people at work.  You and the other members of your organization each have a Yammer profile. Your profile information includes your photo, title, contact info, expertise and background. Yammer makes your organization a better place to work by making it feel smaller, helping people to find and meet each other, and busting silos between groups and departments. Also, because it’s a network, it becomes more powerful the more people that join.”

Yammer click here for a product tour.

Want to join?  Let me know and I will send you an invite!

7/15/2010 – Just received this from my yammer feed, ECU Yammer Blog link.



What is it?   iWebfolio is an advanced electronic portfolio management system that helps individuals and institutions archive, organize, reflect and present information contained in documents, graphics, presentations, web projects, audio and video, or any other digital media, click here to find out more.  Currently the Occupational Therapy Department in our College and the College of Business are using this product.  Our office is the onsite contact in setting up your department’s portfolio, please contact us for more information or demonstration of the product.


Centra – we can help!

The Office of Educational Technolgy, Bob and Jean, are now Centra Administrators.  This means that you can now contact either of us directly to set up and manage your Centra sessions.  It is no longer necessary to contact John Southworth or other administrators for assistance.  In addition, OET will be glad to provide an orientation to Centra and training on its use.  More importantly, we can evaluate your needs and recommend a course material delivery system best suited to you.  Please contact us for a consultation.



I have heard about it, read about it and now am using it and am convinced!

Many of us carry a notebook or notepad around to take notes for business, school, or personal projects. But can you easily find — and decipher — the info you need? Is it convenient to share your notes with others? Take control with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, the easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program where you can capture ideas and information in electronic form. Insert files or Web content in full-color, searchable format or as icons that you can click to access. Watch this demo to see how simple it is to gather, format, organize, and share information. And then say goodbye to your notepad!