Some housekeeping tips!

I am stealing from my colleagues in IT and their recent blog post

“Today’s topic is one near and dear to everyone at TechTips: ways for everyone to help IT staff maintain your work computer.  Posted at the Microsoft At Work blog (also available as an RSS feed), the article describes “8 simple ways to help IT maintain your computer and devices at work“.  It’s good advice for all of us, and many of the tips apply to personal / home computers and devices as well.”

Check it out for some good information!


And the audience’s response is . . .

They make their selection on a “clicker” and you project your “audience’s” response in your PowerPoint!  Audience Response System aka “Clicker Technology” is a great way to evaluate if your “audience” is getting it!  All classrooms at Allied Health have the Turning Point Audience Response System Software installed.  Our office has receivers and clickers for loan.  Put the two together and you have a great tool for content or test review.  They are used when discussing sensitive topics to students opinions and input.  Team challenges are another way to test students knowledge and comprehension.  They can also be integrated with Blackboard’s Gradebook for attendance and quizzes.

Stop by our offices for a demo of this easy to use and “fun” product!


In sickness or health, rain or snow, we can deliver!

Don’t let any of the above stop you from class lectures.  How?  Lecture capture with Mediasite if you are here in the building there are 9 rooms with the recording equipment installed and OET has 2 portable recorders that can go easily to any classroom or lab.  Just send a request.

Stuck at home or other location, try Centra, with just a microphone you can also deliver your lecture.  Just send a request.

Want to know how either of the above work just contact our office, Bob, 4-6185 or Jean 4-1106.


Happy New Year and Happy Spring Semester 2011!

As the beginning of Spring Semester approaches quickly I could use this blog to remind you about rolling content over in BB, copying content in BB, making your course(s) available, submitting your Mediasite or Centra requests, reserving your Turning Point clickers or the many other start of semester housekeeping tips that come across your inbox hourly.

But no instead I am going to blog about reading!  You say, but that’s what I am doing.  Yes that is correct but do any of you remember the old mind teaser test that started “Please Read Before Completing this Paper” and the last item was “Sign your name and Hand in the Paper”?  With so many emails and so much data coming across our desks we barely have time to breathe.  But breathe we must and take a deep breath and continue reading so that we pick up that last bit of information on the last line!

On that note I send you to another blog “The Lost Art of Reading” or for just a quick glimpse check out this article on the same topic.

Happy Reading! and for my last line Read more