Did you get an invite?

No not to the upcoming royal wedding!  But to Yammer! From Yammer’s website  https://www.yammer.com/about/product#what-is-yammer ,  “Yammer is a simple real-time communication tool for organizations.  Yammer was created by people who wanted a better way to connect and share with people at work.  . . . it becomes more powerful the more people that join.”

There are various Yammer groups within the university and we have one for our college as well.  It is a great tool for networking.  Post a question see the responses.  Just yesterday we had  a Turning Point problem and my colleague in nursing had a solution!

Yammer click here for a product tour.

Want to join?  Let me know and I will send you an invite!


I pad for beginners

So you got an iPad for Christmas and want to know a few tips?  Here are a few that you may want to try out:

How to delete apps: Tap and hold down the icon of the application you want to delete.  The icon will start to wiggle and an X will be next to it.  Tap the X and you will be prompted to delete.

Disable the clicking sound when you type on the keyboard: Press the settings icon, then General, then Sounds. Scrool down and turn Keyboard Clicks to the OFF position.

Quick Scroll to Top of Page:  If you have scrolled to the bottom of a page and want to quickly get to the top, just tap the title bar at the top of the screen and it will take you back to the top.

Quickly Mute Sound: Hold down the volume down button for 2 seconds.

Double Spaces: Instead of typing a period at the end of a sentence, just double tap the space bar.  It will enter a period followed by a space.

How to remove – “sent from my ipad” signature from outgoing email: Click Settings, then  Mail, Contacts, Calendars – then select Signature.  Use the delete button to remove the signature (or press clear) and then enter your own personal signature or leave blank.

More to come, share your favorite apps!


tick, tick, tick . . .

Was the essence of the commercial I watched last night. iPhone 4 is now available online through the Verizon network today (Verizon is a member of Pirate Perks).  This blog has not explored mobile devices and their impact yet so today we will begin with “phones”!

So have you been wanting to get the I phone 4,  or a smartphone, android or windows, or just be safe with a blackberry? Will it help your productivity or will it be another device to remember to charge? I have had a “smartphone” for almost two years and it has definitely become a “third hand” !  and not just for talking!  I have the phone synced with my Outlook account and since  my brain has been in use for quite a few years having reminders “pop up” has made it indispensable.

Smart phones can be thought of as small handheld computers giving you access to email, the web, cameras, videos, various applications, gps,  music and more!  Check out C-Net for a good list of smartphones and reviews.

Also checkout Susan’s Lookout on Mobile Technology one of our ECU blogger’s!


Dangers of one- dimensional education

Hi.  I’m Bob.  I’ll be sitting in for Jean this week in the blog.  Many years ago, in another life, I earned my living for awhile teaching people how to fly.  There was an inside joke among flight instructors that went something like this: “You can’t really teach people to fly.  You just keep the airplane from crashing while the students teach themselves to fly.”

Flash forward forty years now and read this article: http://campustechnology.com/Articles/2011/01/19/The-Myth-of-eLearning.aspx?Page=1

So what do my little joke and this article have to do with one another?  And what do they each have to do with our efforts here?  In my opinion, we all have a strong tendency to Read more