Just a little tip . . .

You have moved up in the technological world and now have two monitors.  So now you want to compare two word documents, two powerpoint presentations or two excel files but they still open in the same window.  In order to have multiple windows open of an application you must open the application the long route (not via your desktop shortcut) so you must click on Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office and then the application you want to open, Word, Excel, etc.  Open your file and then repeat these steps to open another file, they will each open in their own windows for easy side by side comparison.

(Yes there is the option to View, arrange all but this can get complicated if  you are using both your monitors.)


PowerPoint through History

Do your students’ eyes glaze over during your PowerPoint presentation?  Are you the executioner in a “Death by PowerPower” scene?  Even if your answers to these questions are “No,” check out this slideshow on  Do’s and Don’ts for PowerPoint presentations.  There are some other interesting videos on this site, too.


is that all there is? Not just for recording lectures . . .

Mediasite recorders and recording software are great tools for lecture capturing for delivering to Distance Ed students as well as lecture review for Face to Face students.  But is that all there is?

With the addition of two portable recorders the College of Allied Health Sciences has 12 recorders, 10 in classrooms and 2 portables which can be used just about anywhere there is a power outlet!

So if we think outside the box what can we come up with?  Demonstrations, events, workshops, interviews, specialized instruction, exam preparation, problem reviews, tutorials and more.   Also when delivering to your virtual audience think of using such tools that are available with Mediasite such as polling and Q&A for interactivity, as well as sending handouts to be used while viewing the event.

Our office will be glad to assist you in planning an event!

Check out this article on presenting to the Real and Virtual Audience.


It’s a bird . . . .

I have been in Blackboard 9 training for the past day and a half and since there is plenty of BB9 information available right now I decided to make this week’s blog a bit lighthearted and share something I came upon in my Google reader.  Just a little distraction as we near the end of the semester.

“Bing Travel went in search for some of the most creative paint themes in the air; see the results in the new slideshow, Amazing Airplane Paint Jobs, now live on Bing Travel. (from http://www.bing.com/community/site_blogs/b/travel/archive/2011/03/22/amazing-airplane-paint-jobs.aspx)”