The Document Camera a/k/a Elmo! (not your ordinary muppet)

When I first joined Allied Health and we moved into this building I was asked if the rooms had Elmo’s.  Elmo’s I wondered, isn’t he on Sesame Street?  Well I shortly found out that ELMO meant Electronic Imaging Equipment which are our document cameras!

Did you know that in each classroom there is a document camera and that when connected to a computer, projector, or TV, a document camera displays live and captured images and videos of 3D objects. Whether used for enhancing views of a science experiment, closing in on details of a map, or explaining the anatomy of a live plant, these devices can help make teaching and learning more dynamic. Most of them can be connected to microscopes so that even the tiniest of specimens can be displayed, and they also come with software tools that allow for annotation, creation of time-lapse videos, and more. From Campus Technology.


And the audience says . . .

And the students say B is the correct answer.

Audience response system software a/k/a “clickers” is available in all the classrooms in our college.  Turning Point is available on the classroom computers and for you to download in order to incorporate in your lectures.  Our department has 3 receivers and over 100 clickers that can be reserved by faculty or students.

For demonstration on how it works, just contact our office.


It’s Live, NOW!

Did you know that all Mediasite recordings are broadcast live?  Students who have access to the catalog for a course can click on the lecture link and view the presentation.  While viewing live students have the ability to click the “Ask a Question” icon and send their question directly to the instructor.  Mediasite will automatically put a time stamp indicating at what point in the lecture the student is emailing.  Polls are another feature we can incorporate into your “live” lecture.

Contact our office for more information on how to use these features.