Coming to a computer near you . . .

Office 2010 will be installed on all computers in classrooms after the completion of Summer Session.  You will not have compatibility issues with your Office 2007 files and Office 2010.  If you would like a preview go to this link, check out our Blackboard course OET8000 for Allied Health Sciences or just go to ECU download and download it to your office computer!

Questions, demos just contact our office.  Training by appointment or check out the “work on your own” training available through the Blackboard course OET8000: Office of Educational Technology Course for Allied Health Sciences where you can find not only sections on Office 2010 but also lots of Blackboard tutorials, hints, tips, Turning Point info and demos of what the items look like when launched!


Doodle what?

Doodle let’s meet! One of our colleagues sent me an email suggesting that I blog about this “neat free application to coordinate meeting dates and times.”

I had seen it from another colleague who used it to coordinate some meeting times with students, ie. scheduling Centra sessions, Skype sessions or other types of meetings. Also a handy tool to coordinate dates with family and friends.  One central location rather than email after email after email.

from “Doodle eliminates the chaos that comes from scheduling and saves you a lot of time and energy when Continue reading


SLIDE your PowerPoints!

Lose the cliches
Information needs emphasis
Designate elements
Empathy for the audience

Here is an interesting article on using the above design elements when creating your next PowerPoint presentation!