Geeks rule, jocks drool. . . a post from Bob

Most of you are aware that Friday will be my last day in the Office of Educational Technology.  Please let me share a couple of thoughts with you as my professional legacy.


As I leave, I do so with a great sense of accomplishment.  Along with Jean Merenda and Mark Allen, I feel that we three have helped lead the college into a new era of education using technology as a tool to improve access to subject matter material and the delivery of that material to the students.  Of course, without the support and engagement of both faculty and staff, the effort would have been useless.  As usual, it has taken a team to achieve something significant.  Please keep up the good work.


We have reached a new level of competency and capability with the technological strides we’ve made over the last decade.  Technology does not stand still, however.  It will evolve even if you don’t want it to.  It’s common for people to say, “OK, I can do great things for my students with the technology I’m using now.  If I try to progress, I’ll just have a steep learning curve with new stuff.  Learning new systems and techniques now will just get in the way of serving my students.”  That may well be true but, if you’ve hitched your wagon to the untamed mustang of technology, you’re going for a ride and you’re not going to have a choice about progressing, like it or not.  It’s best to resign yourself to the change.  It’s easier that way.


It’s really not that hard.  Keep your systems (hardware and software) up to date and don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help.  You’ve got two of the best in Jean and Mark.


Finally, if Lieutenant Worf were in my shoes now, he’d probably say “Qapla’”, so I shall also.


Save the Mouse!

For the next person to use the room! Please remember to put the poor little mouse back in its cradle!

But if the wireless mouse in your lecture room is dead do not worry.  These mice all have rechargeable batteries located on the desk, they are those small items with a blue charging base. Still not sure where they are call OET and we will be glad to demonstrate!

And in keeping with ECU’s “Go Green” theme please remember to “Shut Down” the projector in your Classroom before exiting.  Click below for a quick start guide for your review and/or to share with guest lecturers or adjunct instructors.