27, 26, 25, 24 . . . .

Not just days until I leave for Sicily but to the end of the semester!  Spring semester is winding down so here are a few end of semester tips/reminders:

SafeAssignments – when using this tool in Blackboard make sure you “Synchronize your Course” whenever you deploy a Safe Assignment so that it checks against the most current database.

Grade Center – need assistance in weighting grades contact OET!  Remember that anytime you download grades (work offline) you must save that file to a piratedrive location not your desktop, laptop, personal home computer or unencrypted devices.  A lost or compromised device could result in unauthorized release of student records.

Test Creation – need to convert a test created in word to Blackboard use Respondus to make this an easy transition.

Course/Content Copy for Summer Semester – you can request BB to do this or select the components you want copied via Packages and Utilities. 

Want to explore new tools, devices, programs?  Contact OET to help with your exploration!



Agree Strongly? Disagree Somewhat? No Opinion?

Today is Wednesday and the day I send out my blog.  Had not prepared it yet and was perusing my various readers, feeds, yammer and twitter accounts for ideas and found one on my Yammer feed (that’s for another blog)! 

ECU offers lots of tools for sharing information as well as obtaining information.  One very handy and user friendly tool is Qualtrics Survey Software.  Qualtrics is a web-based survey software for East Carolina University faculty, staff and students. There is lots of training, tutorials and webinars available from Qualtrics on how to use this powerful but easy to use tool.  OET has helped create surveys for CAHS departments if you would rather pick OET’s brain than read the tutorials!


So you took the leap!

Continuing on my lecture capture dialogue one caveat to remember is that law we all must abide by, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!  To quote from my colleague Bob Fainter’s post of last year “There be dragons“!

Questions and information about copyright issues can be found here, contact Beth Winstead ECU’s Copyright Officer with questions or check out the FAQ site which may just help you out!