Here’s a cure for the Summer Session Class Blues!

Try something new in your classroom!  OET can supply you with tips and tools to help cure those blues!

Let’s start with clickers, a/k/a Audience Response Systems and here at ECU we use Turning Point.

Students make their selection on a “clicker” and you project your “audience’s” response in your PowerPoint!  Audience Response System aka “Clicker Technology” is a great way to evaluate if your “audience” is getting it!  All classrooms at Allied Health have the Turning Point Audience Response System Software installed.  Our office has receivers and clickers for loan.  Put the two together and you have a great tool for content or test review.  They are used when discussing sensitive topics to students opinions and input.  Team challenges are another way to test students’ knowledge and comprehension.  They can also be integrated with Blackboard’s Gradebook for attendance and quizzes.

Stop by OET’s office for a demo of this easy to use and “fun” product!


What is everyone talking about?

Not talking but Yammer!!!  Lot’s of great ways to use this tool.  Think about incorporating it into your Summer classes.  Training sessions are offered via ITCS training calendar or via OET’s training calender.  Yammer with it’s recent acquisition will soon allow desktop sync capability and file folder sharing.  Click here to find out more!


All locked up!

Not your test in Blackboard but your student’s ability to access information on their computer while taking a test.  Lockdown browsers when run on a computer prevents the student from printing, copying, screen capturing a test.  Students are also unable to navigate to other locations within their Course Management System or on the Internet.  Securexam is one type of lockdown browser being used by some departments and the university is also looking at Respondus LockDown browser.  Contact OET if you would like to see a demo of either of these lockdown systems.