What is that L I see on my desktop?

Lync 2010 is a secure chat and online communication software available to ECU faculty and staff. Sporting all the features of its predecessor, Communicator 2007, Lync adds sharing and collaboration tools so users can meet online, give a presentation, brainstorm using a whiteboard, share your desktop/applicationsand more.  Great way to communicate instantly with a colleague!

One of the most-requested Lync features is the ability to invite non-ECU participants to a meeting or presentation.

Available for both Mac and Windows from the ECU Download Center


No excuses!

Did you know that with our newest upgrade to Mediasite 6.02 students can watch lectures on virtually any mobile device!  There is a Mediasite App for phones and students can just launch the catalog directly in their browser to view on their IPad.  Students also now have the ability to search within a presentation for specific word(s) and Mediasite will return a list of locations where the word is used within the presentation.  Students viewing a presentation on a mobile device have the opportunity to speed up the lecture if so desired.

Analytics have also improved with the ability to send weekly viewing reports if requested.  Stop by OET for a demonstration!


It’s a Wrap!

With the close of Spring Semester here are some reminders for start of semester (I know Spring just ended!)

  • Copy/collapse your courses from past semesters for summer session, info at BB on how to do this easy task.
  • Submit your mediasite recording form or request for release of past recordings. Contact the OET for form and or additional information
  • If you are interested in using the “clickers” for your class please advise the OET what dates, times and rooms you will need the equipment.
  • Advise OET of any special software that should be loaded onto classroom computers.
  • If you have a guest speaker whose voice needs reinforcement contact the OET to reserve their voice reinforcement system.
  • For those conducting online office hours or class meetings with Centra make your reservation at this link http://centra.aos.ecu.edu/ or contact OET directly.
  • Start using the new Lync desktop communications system, the OET has webcam/microphones for loan.
  • Try using Yammer as a new way of conducting class discussions.

Contact the OET for assistance in your start of semester preparations!