Flip your Class

In a traditional lecture, students often try to capture what is being said at the instant the speaker says it. They cannot stop to reflect upon what is being said, and they may miss significant points because they are trying to transcribe the instructor’s words.  By contrast, the use of video and other prerecorded media puts  lectures under the control of the students: they can watch, rewind, and fast-forward as needed.  from Educause http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7081.pdf

Here  at CAHS we offer two tools to enable lecture capture, Mediasite and Tegrity, contact OET for more information.


Ready to Use

Not your test in Blackboard but your student’s ability to access information on their computer while taking a test.  Lockdown browsers when run on a computer prevents the student from printing, copying, screen capturing a test.  Students are also unable to navigate to other locations within their Course Management System or on the Internet.  Respondus LockDown browser will be available on your Blackboard site via Course Tools.  Contact OET if you would like to see a demo of this lockdown systems.


Planning ahead!

Fall semester is not that far away so why not check your calendar, review this blog and decide to embrace one or more of the new technologies I have blogged about.

See what others are doing and what works.

Calendar a day/time for Professional Development.

Check out the OET training calendar or ITCS’s training calendar, lots there to choose from or ask for individual consultation.

You wonder if it will work?  There are lots of papers on using clickers in classrooms or the use of lecture capture as study aids.

Tell OET what you want and when you want it!


Which one is it?

As I go to meetings and offices throughout the college I am seeing more and more I Pads.  So how do you use yours?  Check email, take notes, check weather, watch videos, play games?  Any of these or all of these?  Did you know that Blackboard, Centra, Mediasite, Yammer, Twitter and Tegrity all have apps for either your phone or I Pad?  Have you checked out ECU’s mobile app download site www.ecu.edu/m ?

Take a moment and share what your favorite app is? 

Some popular productivity apps for under $5 are GoodReader (for viewing & annotating various types of files) and Evernote (notetaking and great tool for syncing data), what’s your favorite?

If you use Dropbox.com there is an App for that you can add to your device!  And don’t forget when the going gets tough there is always Angry Birds to vent your frustration!

Anyone want to challenge me to a “Words with Friends” game?

Share your favorites!