Who is listening? Do they understand? The semester is 2/3rds over!

Is the above going through your mind?  Well why not find out and have some fun while doing so. Use clickers!

Students make their selection on a “clicker” and you project your “audience’s” response in your PowerPoint!  Audience Response System aka “Clicker Technology” is a great way to evaluate if your “audience” is getting it!  All classrooms at Allied Health have the Turning Point Audience Response System Software installed.  Our office has receivers and clickers for loan.  Put the two together and you have a great tool for content or test review.  They are used when discussing sensitive topics to students opinions and input.  Team challenges are another way to test students’ knowledge and comprehension.  They can also be integrated with Blackboard’s Gradebook for attendance and quizzes.

Stop by OET’s office for a demo of this easy to use and “fun” product!