Deja Vu . . .and a push for Lecture Capture!

I have a new student worker who on discussion and explanation of her tasks had the same comment as my first student worker (who graduated ) regarding lecture capture “why aren’t all the classes being recorded? . . .it would be so much easier to look back at a recording rather than trying to keep up taking notes.”

So I ask you “why not capture your lecture”?  There are lecture capturing capabilities in all of the general classrooms in this building and there are additional ways we can capture content if a room is not equipped.

Try it out, maybe for just the summer????


I know you are tired of hearing this but . . . there will be some changes

1 – Bb will be down from May 11th 12:30pm – May 13th 5pm. For more details please click this link. Some neat updates such as regrading, new interface and workflow functionality

2 – Clicker Information -We will be upgrading the TurningPoint Blackboard building block in May, which will allow you to begin using TurningPoint 5 software with Blackboard. TurningPoint 5 combines polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application, Self-Paced Polling and Results Manager all into one single program. Once we upgrade the TurningPoint building block, you must upgrade to version 5 of the software or you will no longer be able to upload clickers data into Blackboard.  You will no longer be able to use the old software with the new software.

3 – Mediasite Upgrade – will be down Monday, May 13 – this upgrade will include a My Mediasite portal for users to add descriptions and/or links to presentations. 

Want to find out more, contact this office!


No I am not here

But I am in Madison Wisconsin at the annual Mediasite User Conference, Unleash 2013 where one of the topics I am exploring is Mediasite’s new Desktop Publishing Software also known as “My Mediasite“.  I will be back next week with lots to show and tell so let me know if you are interested in hearing more about this software.