Monthly Archives: July 2013

A little bit of fun!

With just under 3 (that’s right 3!) weeks until the start of Fall 2013 semester and the influx of new students to your program let’s relax and take a deep breath for a few [fill in you time frame].  Check out this fun link of “Life Hacks for Summer”, I love the mango tip!


Just about done!

With summer sessions and fall semester is just under 4 weeks away.  Have you taken the summer challenge to try something new?  There is still time to explore technologies available here at Allied Health and ECU.  Clickers are a fun way to start a semester, especially with students who are new to your program and ECU.  Stop by OET’s office for a quick demo on this easy to use product!


Webconferencing with Saba Centra – On your own!

Since Centra’s upgrade to SabaMeeting you now have the ability to create their own meetings. Faculty will also have the ability to enroll SabaMeeting groups themselves. However SabaCentra Admins will have to add the group to SabaMeeting prior to your enrolling them in a meeting.  Please let us know the group to add and then you can take over!faculty_enroll_groups  Contact Saba Admins for assistance at any time!