Some gentle reminders . . .

As fall semester gets into full swing please remember some simple tips when using our classrooms –

  • Log off the room computer at the end of your class
  • Shut down the system at the end of your class to turn off the projector
  • Return the mouse to its cradle
  • Return the wireless keyboard to its stand
  • Turn off your mic if you are recording your class
  • Those who are recording please note that when you mute the screen from the face to face students it is still getting recorded for the distance students, press pause to stop any desktop recording
  • Streaming video while recording?  Click the Mediasite button and then image, click back to video when you are finished watching the video!
  • Lock doors
  • Contact OET for assistance, training or information on our systems!

Students record, and where do they go?

I probably sound like a broken record but most of our classrooms here at Allied Health have the capability to record video and content.  Many students like to record classes and with the many mobile devices available it is quite easy to do.  But think about this once they have a recording where do they keep it?  Where might they post it?  Where is it?
Capturing your classroom lecture with our equipment keeps recordings locked down so that only students enrolled in the class can view the recordings and once the class is over they no longer have access (unless you want them to).

Contact OET for more information!


A few reminders . . .

As we get closer to Fall Semester 2013, a few reminders.  To merge courses there is a link on the left side of My Courses in Blackboard.  To copy content go to Packages and Utilities from the course you are copying content from.  Enable Respondus Lockdown in Tool Availability as well as Turning Point.  To change colors or add a banner go to Teaching Style.  Put in your recording requests, clicker requests and webconferencing requests.

Contact OET for assistance in getting Fall Semester off the ground!