Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


From OET, here’s hoping you have a good Thanksgiving break and as we head into the final days of Fall 2015 semester remember that our office will be happy to assist in closing out semester tasks or prepping for Spring 2016 semester needs.


Just under three weeks . .

And no I will not start the countdown for the end of classes as I did for the beginning of the semester!  Just a few tips as we get closer –

  • Downloading your grade center? remember put it on your pirate drive not on your hard drive be a “good steward of student information”,
  • Want to make a review for your students, consider using Mediasite Desktop Recorder, quick install and you can do it right from your office,
  • Distance Ed students asking questions, you can get great analytics from Mediasite to find out who watched what, for how long and when,
  • Respondus Test Generator makes test creation simple and uploads easily to BB
  • Thinking about Spring Semester, contact OET for consultation and some new ideas!

And since this is my blog I can brag so let me introduce you to my newest grandchild, Claire Amelia, born 11/11/14,

Claire Amelia