Reading, writing and everything else!

Yes today is Reading Day and hopefully students aren’t trying to read, watch, etc their class content from the beginning of the semester!  Remember to download grades go to grade center and click work offline to download to an excel worksheet.  Be a good steward of student information and make sure you save this file to a pirate drive location not your desktop of flashdrive.  If you Safe Assign remember to “Synchronize your course” each time you submit a Safe Assignment so that it checks against the most up to date database.

Need to create your final exam quickly in Blackboard?  Use Respondus Test Generator it can convert a word document into a Respondus file which uploads to Blackboard.

Need help with weighting grades, or spring prep contact OET and check out our training calendar.


Learning on the Go!

Mediasite recordings can be easily uploaded as podcasts or vodcasts so students can make long commutes profitable by listening to lectures after class on their mobile devices.  Still time to to add them to your course!

From a recent article –

  1. Mobile learners study 40 minutes more each week by studying everywhere they go.

  1. Students with smartphones are twice as likely to study between 6a.m. and 8a.m.

Check out this infographic on the fact that Mediasite never sleeps either!