Where was that again?

Here is a tip to share with your students who are viewing Mediasite Recordings if they have a question about something in the lecture they can click on the “ask a question” icon below the content window and it will open a dialog box and time stamp at what point the student is questioning and the student can then send to you with their question

In desktop recordings students can click on the search button and type in a word or phrase and a list of where it appears.  Contact OET for more information.

And Grammie here needs to brag again, welcome Eli born February 7!



How do you “feedback”

Typing on the paper and submitting it to BB?  Writing on the paper and handing it back to students?  Do they read the comments?  What about sending them “video” feedback.  With MDR (mediasite desktop recorder) you could send feedback that students could watch and listen, check out this article on “video feedback“.

Contact OET to learn more!