For the New Year, New Semester, a reason from a Colleague

Try something new and listen to the comments from your colleagues on why they use Lecture Capture in their classrooms for face to face students

  • Allows students to hear and see the lecture or aspects of the lecture more than once especially if they are struggling with concepts; this is direct comments from my students as to why they re-watch the videos.
  • If a student is ill or has a family emergency, they can watch the video and then seek clarification of questions along with hearing their peers questions and my responses from the lecture section.  Bonus is that I have lectures from previous year in case I become ill, campus closures, or cancelled guest lectures to be able to fill in quickly.
  • I have heard faculty state they don’t want to record because it could encourage students to skip class; the university has a policy on excused absences that I enforce.  My lectures has mini-quizzes (clickers) or learning activities and the students that skip are not allowed to make the missed points unless it is an excused absence.
  • I record the student’s presentations and make them watch the video, this provides them the opportunity to view themselves and evaluate themselves to improve future presentations (aspect of enhancing professionalism).
  • I watch a couple of videos each semester, especially when I feel a lecture didn’t go as well as I had planned it to go, in order to critique myself and make improvements in my teaching.
  • Evidence for me when a student states that I said something in class, I can go back and view to determine what was actually stated during the session.

And from another colleague Jo Naylor, PhD.

“I want my Distance Education Students to have the same opportunities as my On Campus Students to watch my lectures during the scheduled class time if they are able. I also want my On Campus students to have the opportunity to watch the lectures during their class time if they are home due to illness or were not able to return from a holiday because they have the class time built into their schedules.”