One from a colleague

One of your colleagues turned me on to this really neat software/app that can be used across devices and is really simple.  It is called Socrative and here are is what your colleague had to say about it –

“I love that app – it really works well. . .easy to use!”


It is a free student response system that works on any device, phones, tablets, computers.  It provides real-time data and saves a ton of time on grading. Like Turning Point but without clickers!

Stop by OET for a demo, it takes minutes to start using!


The buzz word is Collaboration

An idea I found and would work well with the Air Media Tool in all our classrooms.

“. . .prepare a set of questions, that students will be able to answer by paying careful attention to a video presentation. Ask the students to bring their laptop or tablet to class for an assignment they’ll complete during class.  Before showing the video, have the students gather into groups, look at the questions, and decide how they will approach answering them.  Explain that if they pay careful attention to the video, they’ll be able to answer the questions.  You can make it a friendly competition involved with this activity.  At the end of the video, students are given the chance to view each group’s answers and then vote for the group that’s produced the best learning resource, which cannot be their own group.  Donuts are always a good incentive!

Students indicated afterwards that they appreciated the exercise because it kept them engaged in the video and they found the sharing of the online questions and answers helpful to their thinking and processing of the ideas presented by the speaker on the video. “

Might be worth a try!  Contact OET for an Air Media demonstration.