One of the many emails last week

Was from ECU Technology Digest about OneDrive for Business (OD4B) Cloud Storage.  So you may be using Dropbox for your lecture files but consider putting them on your OneDrive.

Start using your OneDrive for Business today by logging in to  OD4B makes it easy to share files and/or folders as well.


  • Storage – 1TB for non-sensitive files – NO HIPAA, PCI, SS# or other sensitive data (see the OneDrive vs. Piratedrive page for a list of examples)
  • Availability – access files from a work, personal or mobile device
  • Document editing – edit files within OD4B using Office programs on your computer or Office Online within OneDrive
  • Sharing – Share files or folders with ECU and non-ECU users; either read or edit permissions
  • Collaboration – Edit a file simultaneously with others. There’s only one version!
  • Sync – You choose which files automatically upload

Delve – See what’s been shared with you through the Delve app

Visit the OneDrive website for general info, an FAQ and a list of learning resources. Having trouble installing OneDrive? Call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800. 340.7081.


A quick thank you and reminder

To the nomination committee for selecting me to received the Dean’s Award at Convocation.  It is much appreciated.  So to keep with start of semester tradition

This blog offers lots of tips and reminders, you can easily search in the box at the bottom right. OET is just a phone call, email, instant message or stop by on your way to / from class.  

First week success

Research shows that students will be more successful in your online course if you do something to engage them the first week.  Be creative and think of something that will get them going the first week. Have them use the discussion or blog tool to introduce themselves, respond to other students, and take a sample quiz.  Consider a homework assignment to give them an opportunity to learn your style and relive any apprehension they may have.



Mics, Mice and other Housekeeping Reminders!

With the start of the semester some gentle hints.  Thanking you in advance!

Those who are recording please remember to press the button on the front of the mic so that it turns green or blinks slowly for those who are color blind and PLEASE remember to replace the mic in its charging cradle upon the end of your class so the next person has a charged mic make sure the button is facing you in the charger.

The wireless mouse also needs to be returned to its charging cradle as well so it is working for the next user.

This is a busy semester so take a moment and find out who may be teaching immediately before or after you, because schedules are so tight they may not want you to shut down the room if someone is coming in directly after you or you are the person coming in after.  BUT do remember to LOG OFF so that no one can use your credentials.  Remember Log Off is a shortcut icon on your desktop now!

And if there is no one immediately after you please Shut down the room and Log off the computer.

Questions, thoughts, comments or complaints please let OET know!

Check out this post to catch up!

Have a great semester!


Resources which may help you and your students!

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Using Online Tools

Just to get you started! and here is the answer to one of many questions how to add an Instructor or TA to your BB course.

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is ON
  2. Click on the Users and Groups area of the Control Panel
  3. Click on Users
  4. Click on Enroll Users and select Find Users to Enroll from the drop down
  5. On the Add Enrollments page, enter the teaching assistant’s or instructor’s username (do NOT include their email address)
  6. Select the appropriate role from the dropdown (course builder, grader, student, instructor, student or teaching assistant)
  7. click on Submit

Break in the heat, summer session has been put to rest and fall is just around the corner!

A few years ago I did the countdown to fall semester.  I received various comments and some groans but in less than 3 weeks we have many new students and returning students headed into our classrooms so are a few resources to check out!  Some BB tips and some connecting with others in and around the classroom!


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InLine Grading with Blackboard 

Smart Podiums in the Classrooms

AirMedia Tool

Lecture Capture


Web Conferencing with WebEx

Skype for Business