Something different to incorporate into your delivery of content

I subscribed to various blogs, newsletters and one is the “Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies” and there has been a countdown to Christmas with various daily links some interesting and some not so, but a couple of stood out so far which perhaps you may want to try next semester.

  • The link was to a Diary as an illustration of providing content with daily entries.  Providing a daily flow of content this way, is a great way to deliver what I call a continuous knowledge or learning flow. Is there some content you might provide in this format?
  • Learn Free Magic Tricks – why not a little entertainment?
  • Highbrow – Have you tried this format for your own courses – 5-minute lessons delivered to inboxes every morning?
  • This is one I am checking out Chef2Chef Online Cooking Class
  • Put your search skills to test with a Google a day
  • RANDOM WIKI PAGE Learn something new every day – without really trying!
  • More fun for those DWTS wanna be’s – Learn to Dance Online
  • 15 minutes of fiction every day – or How about making e-learning content available like this?

Those are a few, take a break and browse something may just give you an idea to try something new!