Another Doodle but not by Google!

I blogged about this before but recently had a question come across my desk about creating a calendar to avoid “an organizational nightmare”?  As we head into the final third of the semester it may come in handy when setting up presentation times/dates for students as well as meeting times/dates.

According to the website “Doodle offers a wide selection of online solutions that radically simplify the process of scheduling appointments, ranging from the group event “poll” that doesn’t require registration to the professional appearance with own branding.”

Check it out!


Anyone willing to give it a try?

Last week I went to a demonstration of Mursion Virtual Lab which I shared an article about from Campus Technology and is a very cool project taking place at our College of Education here at ECU.

“Mursion is an immersive learning experience that provides our education candidates a safe space in which they can practice what they have learned in the classroom with an opportunity to get direct feedback from virtual students, peers, and their professor.” [from]

It not only can be used in Education but could also be used in Healthcare Training and Hospitality Settings.

Interested?  from COE “Beginning Fall 2017

If you belong to another college or university, we would love to work with you to see how we might provide the same services mentioned above for our faculty to you. In addition to faculty using Mursion for classes, it can also be used to give students an opportunity to practice interview skills and other soft skills that may otherwise be neglected. If you would like to learn more about using Mursion at your college or university with our help, please email us at”


Some things are best left unknown

or private at least.

This article states “It’s easy to forget that convenience can also leak information about you to anyone who can touch your iPhone or iPad.”

Here are some of the tips the article offers

“Although Apple generally positions itself rightly as privacy conscious vis-a-vis the information about yourself that it allows itself and others to see, there’s no one-stop-shop for dialing up or down what appears on the lock screen. You have to visit several places in Settings:  Read more