What you can do with your recordings


Desktop or Classroom Capture recordings can both be edited along with adding these features, to access your recordings go to My Mediasite and login.

  • Mediasite includes engagement and interactivity features that personalize learning experiences and improve retention.
  • Embed quizzes, automatically score them and export the results to gauge students’ understanding of topics in real time
  • Add comments and discussions to specific spots in videos to call out certain topics or timestamps to viewers
  • Encourage interaction between users and instructors with in-video annotations, discussions and comments
  • Easily pinpoint videos with improved search
  • Add links to direct students to specific locations lectured about
  • Add chapters for students to return quickly to specific point
  • Crop and cut video incorporating fades or transitions
  • Add video intros, outros, chapters and watermarks
  • Update or replace slides
  • New Recording Options when using the Desktop Recorder





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First week links and tips!

Need some BB help?  Check out BB YouTube channel or my course OET 8000 Kiosk of Information 

Need help with My Mediasite check out their tutorials, or my blog

Disability Services

Graduate Orientation New Students

Software Downloads

ITCS’s new home page provides links to most items you may be looking for.

Contact this office to setup training for yourself or your class and take a deep breath it will all settle down!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and

Fall Semester 2018 begins.  Some start up tips/reminders

How do I make my course available to students?
Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability > Yes

How do I copy my course from one semester to the next? Blackboard Course Copy Guide

How do I merge (or collapse) two or more course sections? Blackboard Course Collapse Guide

Why can’t students see a recently added course? 
Blackboard enrollments require 12-24 hours to update.

Is my class being recorded?  Have you submitted your lecture capture request? Lecture_Recording_Request_distributed Mediasite_Single_Rec_Req_distributed 


Embed Mediasite into Blackboard – click here

Reusing Mediasite Recordings? – go to Control Panel, Mediasite Options and Click Submit to update the Spring Semester Settings.

Want to use Mediasite Desktop Recorder check out it’s upgrade!

Saba Web Conferencing – click here

WebEx – click here

Turning Point Cloud – click here

Some tools to consider Voice Thread and Blackboard New Inline Grading Tool.

First week success check out this link!

Anything else?  Contact OET for assistance!

Welcome back!


Using Mobile Devices instead of Clickers

So easy now and just as easy to integrate into your Grade Center,

Students can connect via phone, tablet or computer.  You don’t even need the usb device just get a session id once Turning Cloud is launched.  To get there from a computer it is https://student.turningtechnologies.com/#/profile and they would click Sign In and enter their ECU credentials.

Student Regisitration http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/clickers/upload/TurningRegistrationInstructions_ECU_1.pdf

Participant List http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/clickers/upload/tp_8.pdf

Frequently Asked

How do students obtain their license?

Licenses will be automatically distributed when students register their clicker or mobile device in Blackboard.

Is there still a cost for a physical clicker?

Yes. Students required to use a physical clicker must still purchase a clicker or use and existing one.

Is there a cost for the mobile app?

No. To use an Android or iOS mobile device, students download the free app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Students not using an Android or iOS device can participate in polling through a Web browser on their mobile device or laptop.