Once again a timely post . . .

Posted this last September and repeating now.  ”

Hurricane Season is in full force this year.  And last year’s letter M is not a distant memory for most of us.  Nor was I(rene) a few years ago. So I will repeat myself this week and remind everyone that with technology you can keep up with lecture content and delivery.  See this post from 2010 as it is still applicable this season”


Since classes are canceled on Wednesday there will be empty classrooms with recording equipment waiting to be used, contact OET if you would like to schedule some time to record your class, no experience needed and I will turn on your mic!


Meeting Virtually

As you have read SABA will be coming to end of life here at ECU in Spring 2019.  So what conferencing system should you use and should students use, WebEx is the answer.  Login to webex.ecu.edu and set up meetings with colleagues, guest lecturers, students and students can set up their own meetings.  Want to try it out, send me an invite or ask me to invite you to my room!