One week

And finals begin.  As we all say where did the semester go?  Take note of what went well this semester and what did not.  Put a calendar reminder if you are not sure you will remember.  Ready to try something new for Spring Semester.  Various training’s are offered by OET and on Cornerstone.  Think about lecture capture and desktop publishing for those winter weather days!  Want to get students more involved try clickers, flipped classrooms or ?????

Let’s explore!


Boy am I lucky!

I am lucky to work for the College of Allied Health Sciences at ECU. As some of you know, I broke my elbow and bruised my ribs last week; I had surgery on Wednesday to attach the bone that broke with a plate and screws.  So, you may ask why do I feel lucky given that I just had surgery?  I feel lucky to know that allied health professionals helped me with my diagnosis, tests, surgery and recovery. Before I worked for allied health, I had no idea that there’re so many disciplines involved in helping the patient recover. Working here, I have the privilege to meet face-to-face with many of these professionals and soon-to-be-professionals for advice as I recover. I can truly appreciate the various sciences that help a patient from injury to recovery, so here’s a big ‘thank you’ to all of you.