Ring Ring!

A recent email that came across most desks may not have been read but take time and review these tips for mobile security:

Keep your mobile device physically secure.

Control the data stored on the device.
Do not store sensitive information on the device unless you have authorization, and the device is encrypted. Contact the IT Help Desk, 252.328.9866/1.800.340.7081 for assistance.
Use a secure password/PIN to access your device.
Enable encryption (see Smartphone Encryption Recommendations at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/itsecurity/upload/SmartphoneEncryption.pdf). This will protect stored data if it is lost or stolen.
Delete ECU sensitive data and sensitive emails from your smartphone as soon as possible.
Consider installing antivirus software. This may prevent, detect and quarantine malware.

For more details see   Smartphone Security Guidelines
Keep all system and application software up-to-date. Check with your smartphone manufacturer. Disable unneeded services (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.) when connecting to ECU.
Download applications from vendor-authorized sites only. Sites offering free games or ring tones are sources for smartphone malware.
Do not open attachments from untrusted sources. As with laptops and other devices, unexpected attachments could pose the risk of malware.
Do not follow links to untrusted sources, especially from unsolicited email or text messages.
If your device is lost, report it immediately to your carrier.
If ECU data is stored on the lost device, call the IT Helpdesk, 252.328.9866/1.800.340.7081.
Before disposing of a device, ensure it is wiped of all ECU data. Contact IT Help Desk for assistance