I know you are tired of hearing this but . . . there will be some changes

1 – Bb will be down from May 11th 12:30pm – May 13th 5pm. For more details please click this link. Some neat updates such as regrading, new interface and workflow functionality

2 – Clicker Information -We will be upgrading the TurningPoint Blackboard building block in May, which will allow you to begin using TurningPoint 5 software with Blackboard. TurningPoint 5 combines polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application, Self-Paced Polling and Results Manager all into one single program. Once we upgrade the TurningPoint building block, you must upgrade to version 5 of the software or you will no longer be able to upload clickers data into Blackboard.  You will no longer be able to use the old software with the new software.

3 – Mediasite Upgrade – will be down Monday, May 13 – this upgrade will include a My Mediasite portal for users to add descriptions and/or links to presentations. 

Want to find out more, contact this office!