So after three weeks . . .

Are they listening, do they understand, blank stares?  Why not “test” their knowledge unanimously with clickers!  Turning Point software is installed in all classrooms and OET has many clickers to loan.  Works on both Mac and PC’s, try it out!!


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  • Jennifer Radloff

    For those that have not tried implementing clickers in the classroom. There is a small learning curve, which Jean is happy to help with the set-up. I personally use clickers in most of my classes at the graduate level. I will embed questions throughout my presentation to assure how the students are understanding the content that I am teaching as well as to allow students to gain instant feedback to their understanding of content. I have also used them as mini pop-quizzes or opening a class session to determine what they know from the assigned readings. It also provides me an opportunity to keep tabs on students that might be struggling. Students provide consistent positive feedback about using the clickers in the classroom.
    Dr. Jennifer Radloff, Dept of Occupational Therapy