Who’s counting?

Yes there are less than 10 class days left of Spring Semester 2017 classes.  So I have some housekeeping items to share

Blackboard Downtime during break – Monday May 8 – Thursday May 11 click here for a list of upgrades.

Tuesday, April 25 is a Friday meeting day according to the academic calendar.

Wednesday, April 26 is Reading Day, time to catch up!

Summer Session starts May 15.

Grade Center – need assistance in weighting grades contact OET! Remember that anytime you download grades (work offline) you must save that file to a piratedrive location not your desktop, laptop, personal home computer or unencrypted devices. A lost or compromised device could result in unauthorized release of student records.
Test Creation – need to convert a test created in word to Blackboard use Respondus to make this an easy transition.
Course/Content Copy for Summer Semester – you can request BB to do this or select the components you want copied via Packages and Utilities, if you are reusing assignments or tests make sure you select Gradecenter and Tests, Surveys, Pools.

Did you do something really good this past semester, did something work really well, did something not work so well?  So how to remember?  I have discovered one trick that works well for me and that is to put that information on my calendar as a reminder on my calendar prior to the next time I might need that information.

Want to explore new tools, devices, programs? Contact OET to help with your exploration!