New Year? New Semester? Update Course?

As the ITC for our college I can do more than monitor room recordings.  The ITC page on the OFE website describes “The role of the ITC is to promote, support, and help integrate digital technologies into learning and teaching at East Carolina University and to empower faculty members in the use of technology in education. . .assist in the use of Blackboard for course material delivery, advise on the organization and presentation of course materials, support the creation and presentation of multimedia components, and teach web page creation and design. They must be able to make creative proposals for course design, supervise projects, direct personnel, and carry through from design to course delivery.”

So take advantage of my skill set and let me help you try something different with your course or maybe just a bit of tweaking!


Turning Anywhere?

Many faculty have used Turning Point with PowerPoint but did you know that you can poll using Anywhere Polling part of the Turning Point 5 Dashboard.  Using clickers and a receiver Anywhere Polling lets you poll atop web page, videos, documents of any application using a floating interactive toolbar. anywherepolling Set up a series of generic or specific questions and you can “ask the audience”.  More info and tutorials can be found at the Turning Point website  PC Training 

Turning Point also features the Self-Paced Polling environment which allows participants to take a paper-based test on an XR or NXT ResponseCard.

Contact OET for a demo or schedule a time to use in your class! 

Try it out!


This woman is heading west!

But just for two weeks, staring Friday, 10/2 through Friday 10/16.  My assistant Michele will be in the office while I am away and then sadly will be moving on to Greensboro in mid-October.  If she cannot assist you while I am gone following is a list of resources that may be able to help:

  • Help Desk (Michael Davis and Billy Igoe) for this building 744-2903
  • Blackboard – Matt Long, Cindy Bowers, Adam Brewe
  • SABA – John Southworth
  • Mediasite Troubleshooting –  Jarret Shafer, Josh Brown
  • My Mediasite – Dennis Allen
  • Tegrity – Perceival Murphy
  • WordPress Blogs – Cindy Bower
  • Academic Technologies – Ginny Sconiers This blog   Mediasite, Tegrity and Saba Blog  Blackboard Blogs



Making a connection

Software videoconferencing is ideal for one-on-one interviews, peer discussions, distance learning, CME programs, class lectures or guest instructors.

Cisco Jabber

Conference with anyone, from anywhere, at anytime from your own Mac or Windows desktop or laptop using Cisco Jabber.

Features include video, desktop sharing and conferencing. Camera, microphone and speakers required.

Submit the Jabber Account Request form through the IT Help Desk online service request system. Approval processed within two business days.

Near and Far, Lync Keeps You Connected

Microsoft Lync 2013 is an easy-to-use and versatile communication tool.

Available to students, faculty and staff, Lync integrates seamlessly with email, calendar and the ECU address book* to allow instant text messages, video conferences, online presentations and even group conferencing. Lync allows true collaborative desktop sharing among attendees for quick project edits and live brainstorming.

One of the most-requested Lync features is the ability to invite non-ECU participants to a meeting or presentation.



As the semester really gets rolling, some reminders!

Safe Assign – make sure to Synchronize your Course prior to deploying a Safe Assignment. Safe Assignments are now an option within Assignments.

Want to use Respondus LockDown Browser – make it available to use by going to Control Panel, Customization, Tool Availability and click Respondus LockDown Browser to make it available.

Need link for students to download Respondus LockDown Browser – here it is

Need to download gradecenter? – go to grade center and click Work Offline.   Save the gradebook to your Piratedrive for safe keeping.

You can still set up web conferencing or lecture capturing sessions for your class.  Just contact OET!


Go! Fall Semester 2015!

Some reminders for start of semester 

  • Make sure your content has been rolled over to your summer classes, if not please go to this link
  • Submit your mediasite recording form or request for release of past recordings.Contact the OET for form and or additional information
  • If you are interested in using the “clickers” for your class please advise the OET what dates, times and rooms you will need the equipment.
  • Advise OET of any special software that should be loaded onto classroom computers.
  • If you have a guest speaker whose voice needs reinforcement contact the OET to reserve their voice reinforcement system.
  • For those conducting online office hours or class meetings with Saba. .
  • Make your class available in Blackboard, Customization, Properties, Set Availability.

Read more


They might not know as much as you think

Tech wise that is.  According to a recent article I read in Campus Technology “American millennials (those between the ages of 16 and 34) may be the first generation that grew up with computers and Internet access, but all that time spent glued to a small screen hasn’t translated to technology competence. While they spend an average of 35 hours every week on digital media, nearly six out of 10 millennials can’t do basic tasks such as sorting, searching for and emailing data from a spreadsheet.’ (  Distance Ed students can find many resources here and you can also use to help students build skills.  Questions?  Contact OET.


I missed last week so I am making up for it!

I am often asked what I do besides record lectures, and we do a lot of that at CAHS but my degree is in Instructional Technology and I recently came across this article which might describe more clearly what I can do.

“Instructional Designers support faculty throughout the development of their online course. Their goal is to make online course development easier for faculty as well as to assist in making knowledge acquisition more efficient, effective, and appealing for students. Below are 15 ways … Instructional Designers can assist faculty.

  1. Help faculty identify what they want students to do/know at the end of the course (course and unit level objectives)
  2. Provide tutorials and tips on using Blackboard to teach online
  3. Provide a second pair of eyes to identify potential issues
  4. Provide a sounding board for ways to improve courses
  5. Provide a student perspective
  6. Identify ways to encourage collaboration and build community
  7. Consult on course structure and organization
  8. Promote academic integrity by providing solutions through pedagogy, technology, and community building
  9. Share examples of instructional strategiesused in other courses and programs
  10. Help define criteria for graded work
  11. Help ensure course accessibility
  12. Serve as a liaison for video and other media development
  13. Identify technology to support learning objectives
  14. Provide expertise on integrating innovative tools for learning
  15. Help keep course development on track.”  (from

With just over 3 weeks until Fall Semester begins why not see what can be done?  But do take some time, shut down the computer, turn off the phone and read a book, explore new places, reboot!


Two weeks and counting

And we will put Summer Semester 2015 to bed!  A lot of information to be learned in a short amount of time.  Need to review?  Why not use clickers?  Great way to get the class involved and also find out what they might need some extra help.  Try Anywhere Polling for quick questions “right atop of web pages, videos, documents or any application”.

Contact OET to reserve clickers.

Want to try this technology for Fall Semester?  Contact OET for a demo!

and for those who thought The Final Countdown meant this?


Something I used to do!

When I talk at PCC the Intro to Computers course we touched on email and with many of my students having just graduated high school the following 14 Email Etiquette rules is still timely and perhaps should be shared with your students even if they are graduate students!  Have something to add? Leave a comment! 14 Email Etiquette rules handout

  1.  Include a clear, direct subject line.
  2.  Use a professional email address.
  3.  Think twice before hitting ‘reply all.’
  4.  Use professional salutations.
  5.  Use exclamation points sparingly.
  6.  Be cautious with humor.
  7.  Know that people from different cultures speak and write differently.
  8.  Reply to your emails — even if the email wasn’t intended for you.
  9.   Proofread every message.
  10. Add the email address last
  11. Double-check that you’ve selected the correct recipient.
  12. Keep your fonts classic.
  13. Keep tabs on your tone.
  14. Nothing is confidential — so write accordingly.


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