Catching Up!

So much going on so many emails.  I even missed sending last week’s blog so will do double duty today!

First here is a neat slide show on Disruptive Technologies 2015-2106 will give you something to think about.

Now if you have missed the recent posts from ECU Learning Technologies Digest let me just highlight some of the postings!

Classroom Selection for Summer and Fall 2015: New Options

As you consider your future classroom technology needs, here is a description of some of the equipment you will find in the classrooms across campus. New options include AirMedia, which allows you to present wirelessly from any device, Desktop Recording with MDR or Tegrity, and Video Conference using Saba or Jabber. Visit the Classroom Technology Database for even more options and to see the complete list of equipment offerings per room.

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Learning on the Go!

Mediasite recordings can be easily uploaded as podcasts or vodcasts so students can make long commutes profitable by listening to lectures after class on their mobile devices.  Still time to to add them to your course!

From a recent article –

  1. Mobile learners study 40 minutes more each week by studying everywhere they go.

  1. Students with smartphones are twice as likely to study between 6a.m. and 8a.m.

Check out this infographic on the fact that Mediasite never sleeps either!


Welcome To Fall Semester 2014 and Who are You?

Both My Mediasite and Blackboard have a feature called “profiles”!  Take a moment and fill them out and add a picture to Blackboard so your students know who your are!

My Mediasite – click the down arrow and enter your name, email, bio url etc.  This feature will allow students to email you directly while watching a recording!





Blackboard – click on your picture or the avatar and then click again to open up the Edit Profile page



Qualtrics is what?

ECU offers lots of tools for sharing information as well as obtaining information.  One very handy and user friendly tool is Qualtrics Survey Software.  Qualtrics is a web-based survey software for East Carolina University faculty, staff and students. There is lots of training, tutorials and webinars available from Qualtrics on how to use this powerful but easy to use tool.  How about adding a poll to the end of your Mediasite recording? Specific to the content in the recording?

OET has helped create surveys for CAHS departments if you would rather pick OET’s brain than read the tutorials!  


What is My Mediasite? Isn’t it Desktop Recording?

My Mediasite What it does

My Mediasite  provides tools for managing your recordings.  All faculty have access to My Mediasite and the ability to download the Desktop Recorder.  Even if you do not use desktop recordings you are able to manage your semester recordings via the  My Mediasite  web page. By clicking on the title of your presentation you can Edit its title, availability, add descriptions, external links and add polls.

Analytics on a recording can be found here which includes information as to who watched, how long, when, etc.

Editing of content is available via  My Mediasite , clip the beginning, end or middle of the presentation.  Add chapters for quick reference.

Contact OET for more information and to integrate with your course!

Mediasite Web Editor




Some reminders for start of semester (I know Spring just ended!)

  • If you have video links from Laupus Library you must request activation of those links each semester, request form can be found here
  • Make sure your content has been rolled over to your summer classes, if not please go to this link
  • Submit your mediasite recording form or request for release of past recordings. Contact the OET for form and or additional information
  • If you are interested in using the “clickers” for your class please advise the OET what dates, times and rooms you will need the equipment.
  • Advise OET of any special software that should be loaded onto classroom computers.
  • If you have a guest speaker whose voice needs reinforcement contact the OET to reserve their voice reinforcement system.
  • For those conducting online office hours or class meetings with Centra make your reservation at this link or
  • Download Microsoft Communicator as another way to have real time communication with your class, the OET has webcam/microphones for loan.

Contact the OET for assistance in your start of semester preparations!


The Boy Scout Motto . . .Be Prepared!

Before anyone gets sick

Students are encouraged to have a “study buddy.”  These people can be a go-between for sick students and their respective faculty members.  Likewise, faculty should have a “teaching buddy.”  The buddy should have a copy of the syllabus and access to the Blackboard course and the Mediasite presentations, if appropriate.  Faculty uncomfortable with this should at least give the Office of Educational Technology (OET) access to the Blackboard courses (we already have access to the Mediasite presentations) so we can give the “buddy” appropriate access if necessary due to illness.

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Mediasite not just a YouTube Video!

Many of you have been using Mediasite recordings as a way to deliver your online courses, but some of you may not realize its full potential beyond distance learning.

“Turn classroom lectures into instant online courses. Mediasite records your instruction and webcasts it live, automatically. Learners can watch it in real-time, later on-demand or listen on-the-go with podcasting.

With Mediasite:

  • Watch online lectures anytime, anywhere.
  • Present as usual – no new technology to learn.
  • Increase enrollment without new classrooms or facilities.
  • Create instant knowledge catalogs for blended learning and distance education.
  • Integrate with your existing course management system.
  • Skip post-production; audio and video are automatically synchronized”

We will be sending a video link shortly that  OET made using Mediasite along with the newest features available with our recent upgrade!