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Welcome to the Aging and Adult Language Disorders Lab webpage. The webpage will contain all the information you need to know about our ongoing projects. If we begin any studies, you will be able to find them on the homepage, along with the Participate in Research page. If you wish to contact us about participating in a study, you can visit the Participate in Research page or contact us at or 252-744-6125. Contact information can also be found in the right toolbar.

If you wish to be included in any future studies, you can find our signup forms in the toolbar on the right; or, if you are a healthy adult with no history of stroke or head injury, you can click here. If you are an adult with a brain injury, you can click here. Once you have filled out the form (which can be done on the computer), email us the form at

If you have already participated in one of our studies, you can see what we are doing with the data we collecting by checking out our Publications.