Bugfest Recap!!

Bugfest was two weekends ago!  We had a blast getting to see and talk to everyone that stopped by our booth!! Kids, teenagers, and parents alike got to see live flies with dyed bellies as well as flies at different stages in the life cycle.  Then anyone that was interested also had the opportunity to pick up fun activity pages which included coloring sheets, a word search, and fun facts about fruit flies.  They also could make their very own fly ring or bracelet out pipe cleaners and beads!! The kids and sometimes even the adults even enjoy making these.  We really relish getting to have these hands on experiences in our community!! I know the Ables’ lab is already excited for next years Bugfest; the theme for which is Beetles!!

Here are a few pictures from this year’s Bugfest!! If you would like to see more pictures from the event please see our Lab Fun folder on the website.