Welcome to the College of Allied Health.  My office is here to assist you with classroom equipment training, working with Blackboard, video recording lectures and/or developing course material using various delivery methods.   You might also want to check out the OET blog for more tips and ideas.

This site is for all who may be teaching for one of our departments, whether for a few months, a semester or full time I have attempted to create a one stop landing site for many of your questions with some answers, tutorials or links which may help you navigate the first weeks of teaching or if you want to try something new.  This ECU link also provides quick access to specialized resources and information pertaining to employment at ECU.

My office is located on the third floor of CAHS, HSB3360. Please stop by, post questions below or email me directly Jean Merenda, Office of Educational Technology, merendaj@ecu.edu, 252-744-1106

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