Guanacaste & Tamarindo

May 29:

Today we had a variety of activities to chose from. Some of the group went to the beach at 5 am to surf. Some of the group decided to relax and hang out at the beach for the day. They were amazed how the different terrain on the coast and ocean floor was composed of volcanic rock whereas North Carolina’s coast contains sandbars. The different substances play a huge role in the strength of the wave, volcanic rock creating the best surfing waves. They also noticed how geothermal heat affects the waves. During the surf session, they spotted several waterspouts during an approaching storm. They observed that the spouts were all located outside of the storm. At the mouth of the river, there was a man meditating. After observing the encounter, they reported back to the manager of our hotel to find out what they had seen. They learned that the man was probably trying to bring positive energy to the mangrove because of the last major earthquake. It caused the volcanic rock to elevate, essentially locking the the water in the mangrove, driving out the animals, and harming the environment.

Playa Avellanas.

Playa Avellanas.

In the afternoon we went into Tamarindo. There were many locals there surfing and tanning on the beach. We walked up and down the street and visited several shops. The locals in the shops were so welcoming and full of life. They had amazing coffee and fruit juices at this small cafe we stopped at. During the bumpy ride home we saw a dog almost get run over by another van.

Today we encountered many animals. The surf group met a puppy named Jackie on the beach as well as many marine animals. They observed a huge silver fish jumping out of the water, several types of crabs, pelicans and a sea slug. Other members of the group also saw a hooded, blue and white large bird. There are many Howler Monkeys around the villa that make loud noises that “sounds like a Great Dane who has been smoking Newports for 20 years”,(Kyle). There are many lizards, bats, iguanas, frogs and insects around the hotel. The group that tried to go horse back riding saw horses, cows, donkeys, and other typical farm animals.

— Taylor Daniels