Exploring tide pools and the tropical dry forest

May 30:

Today we had two exciting activities to do. The day started off with some of the guys surfing, of course. After breakfast we split up in the two groups. One group went hiking to a waterfall. The three girls that didn’t go went horseback riding up a small mountain.

Two of the guys stayed back and relaxed. They went on a little adventure along the beach. The waves were small, but plenty of sea creatures to see. Tide pools were filled with them. The water clarity was like looking into an aquarium.

The hiking group got to encounter many different exotic species today. While hiking to the waterfall through a rough terrain they observed birds, huge trees, cacti, livestock, and local farmers. When the group got to the waterfall the view was beautiful with a lush green background. The water was cool and referring on this hot sticky day. Jumping off the rocks was a thrill.

For the girls who went horseback riding they went through a small mountain. A very small path way out lined the way up the mountain. Once the group reached the top the view was breathtaking. Green vegetation all around. The horses were cool calm and collected they seemed to be all friends. Going down the small mountain back to the hacienda was kind of scary. The horses were very cautious about the small rugged path back. When the horses saw the open hacienda they were so excited and all wanted to gallop back to the barn. Getting off the horses an trying to walk was a struggle.

After everyone had lunch and got themselves together, we headed into Tamarindo. When arriving to the surf  town they were so many shops to choose from. The ice coffee was the best we had.  Visiting many shops two of the girls worked up an appetite for some American pizza. They found some, but here is Costa Rica the Ticos take “Tico Time” to make “fast food.” The locals of Tamarindo are very different from the people of Costa Rica we are used to seeing. Plenty of Americans.

– Nonnie Walter