Road to Monteverde

May 31:

Today we woke up in Cabinas Las Olas and a few of the guys went surfing early in the morning, including Dr. Allen who said the waves were the best they have been since we arrived. After breakfast we began our travel from Las Olas to Monteverde at about 9 a.m. We drove for 3 hours through an abundance of cattle pastures and little towns until we arrived at the base of the mountain and began our climb up the side of the mountain. On our way up the mountain our guide, Marco, pointed out that the Monteverde Reserve is trying to buy as much land as possible in the Monteverde region to preserve the land, create a biological corridor, and also to help promote the flag species of the area, the beautiful quetzal bird.

Entrance to the Monteverde Biological Reserve

Entrance to the Monteverde Biological Reserve

The majority of the people were comfortable with the drive but a few of us were a little nervous of how close we were to the edge of the road and once it began to rain it became a little more scary, but we arrived at the La Casona Lodge Monteverde Reserve safely. Once we arrived a group of us went on a hike through the Monteverde Reserve and observed waterfalls, various indigenous trees, and Dr. Allen, Dr. Hapke, and our guide Marco even saw a group of spider monkeys. A few of the girls in the group went into town instead of hiking and saw what it had to offer. They said they really liked the atmosphere and mentioned that there were many stray dogs in town but it was an overall great experience. We then ate dinner at an Italian restaurant called Tramonti that was just down the road and had pizza that was amazing! Everybody was happy to have a little taste of something they were familiar with. After the long day of travel and excursions the group retired for the day to prepare for our tour of a coffee farm the following morning.

~ Tommy Woolston