Monteverde Reserve

June 2nd:

Last night a few of us went down the road to where there were some bat feeders. We were able to see numerous bats going to and from the feeders. It was a bit startling when the bats would fly right by your head, but it was a very unique and enjoyable experience.

At 8:15am this morning the entire group left for a hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. We were able to see many interesting plants, such as the elephant ear plant and natural bamboo, as well as many different types of birds. We hiked for about an hour and a half until we came to the continental divide. The continental divide separates the watersheds for the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Though it was muddy, it was a nice hike.

The Continental Divide

The Continental Divide

Later in the afternoon, 8 members of group went to Monteverde Extremo, which offered several different activities, while the rest of the group stayed behind to relax. At Monteverde Extremo, we took part in bungee jumping and a canopy tour.

All 8 who went to Monteverde Extremo took the canopy tour, which was 4km and lasted around 3 hours. The tour included 15 cables, 24 platforms, 196 ft Tarzan wing, a 98 ft rappel, and a waterfall view. Everybody seemed to really enjoy the tour. It was amazing to be able to zip line in between mountains and be able to see for miles around you. On several occasions we were able to see the Pacific Ocean. We weren’t ready for all the hiking needed for the tour, but it was a great opportunity and we had a great time.

Five members of the group went bungee jumping, which is the highest bungee jump in Latin-America. The jump was 469 ft and was surrounded by beautiful scenery. Many of us were nervous, but it was such a thrilling experience. We all enjoyed bungee jumping and it was definitely worth any anxiety.

To wrap up the night several of us went outside to feed and try to hold a tarantula.

~ Selena Hamilton