Last Leg: Return to San Jose

June 7th

Today, June 7, 2013, we started off in Manzanilla at the Almonds and Corals resort. This is the last day and night of our study abroad trip. Today is the only day that we were able to sleep in. I was up at about 8:15 to start packing while others were already prepared for the car ride. Of course, today’s breakfast was another success with the omlet and French toast. Throughout this whole trip, I was amazed on how good the quality of food was. Everything was a lot better. We got packed up and left the Almonds and Coral resort at around 10:30 am to head back to El Sesteo in San Jose. Once again, the back seat crew got comfortabel for the trip. We made a pit stop for gasoline. And not too much longer we stopped again for a pee stop. Then again we stopped to eat our packed lunch at this restaurant. At that time everybody was ready to stay in the car and finish the long haul home to El Sesteo. Once we got into the city, it was jammed pack with traffic. We finally arrived here at the hotel at around 4:15. It felt like the drive was longer than it seemed. The boys and I made a walk to the AM/PM to grab some imperial beers before we head back to the States and have to pay import taxes on these delicious brews. For dinner, Marco, drove us to his house for a beautiful dinner. It took forever to get here becasue of the soccer game tonight (Costa Rica vs Honduras), and just because it is a Friday night. But Marco’s wife cooked us some delicious home made chicken lasagna and a great garden salad. Very generous Marco’s family is.

Through out this whole trip, it has completely amazed me on how different things are here. Everything in the city is completely different from the United States. Everything in the rural areas is completely different too. It is crazy going from United States currency to the colones, and having a water purifying water bottle this whole time, but it is fun and a great learning experience. This is the second time out of this country and I am pleased that I followed along for this trip. I love how relaxed and happy the people are here and how the climate/weather is so beautiful. On May 29, surfing for the first time watching the sunrise and sunset in the Pacific was life changing. I highly recommend going to Avellanas beach to surf.

I thank professor’s Tom Allen and Holly Hapke for organizing this whole trip and making everything happen. Our first driver Douglass was cool. Jairo, our second driver, is the man. If you ever need a getaway driver or just a tour driver, he’s the man to call. And my hat goes off to our tour guide, Marco, who is one of the most interesting and smartest man on this earth. He literally knows everything. From being a doctor to a tour guide of this whole country, he has an answer for every question. He definitely needs to be on that show ‘Survivor’. This group that was put together couldn’t have been a better group either. I am very pleased to say that I just met these people on 5.26.13, and now I can say they are all my friends that I hope to be seeing very soon in the near future back at school.

Everything was awesome here. From the ridiculous expeditions in the jungle at night, to all the itchy bug bites, to the horrible awful smell of my shoes, to Brandon getting bit by an Iguana, I can definitely say that every second of this trip was memorable. The best parts of the trip were the natural foods, both beaches, all of the nature walks/tours, and of course the exhilerating zipline and bungee jump events. So basically the whole trip. This was a huge learning experience for the whole group and I. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I advise everybody to take a trip to Costa Rica.

~ Kyle Keller