2010 Spring Course: Medical Anthropology: ANTH 3252

Greetings Everyone,

I am looking forward again to teaching my Medical Anthropology course in Distance Education (DE) mode for the Spring semester primarily because it offers students the flexibilty to take this upper level course as well an opportunity for me to incorporate the latest technology and course content material that address as many of the issues related to medical anthropology. This medical anthropology course is taught in a very applied approach — one in which we discuss and investigate “real life” health and medical issues from a very broad and holistic perspective.

The major objectives that students will receive from this course are:
1. A comprehensive introduction to the subspeciality of medical anthropology;
2. An awareness of cultural health perspective and issues; and
3. Apply principles and strategies derived from medical anthropology toward planning, implementing and evaluating health intervention programs.

In addition to completing the course objectives, students will conduct an applied medical anthropological fieldwork project/proposal. You can check out some of the outstanding projects from previous students earlier in this blog.

In general, I am very glad that I decided to transition this traditional face-to-face Medical Anthropology course to a distance education, online approach. Believe it or not, it allows students to engage in medical anthropology in whole new way!