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Professional Development Anthropology Class Visits Career Center

Carol Woodruff and Professional Development Anth students

Dr. Bailey and 2011 Professional Development Anthropology Class

Just like last year, my new Professional Development Anthropology class visited ECU’s Career Center to learn about all the services from the excellent staff and administrators. Our site visit to the Career center helps to fulfill two of the major objectives of this course: 1. To research and learn about specific job opportunities and internships related to your area of interest; and 2. To provide an opportunity for various organizations at ECU to present information on practical skill building strategies for students.

In our visit today, Carol Woodruff provided us with an excellent overview of the many services provided by the Career Center. Her presentation highlighted significant issues such as resume & cover letter writing, etiquette training for job interviews, searching for jobs through Pirate Jobs & O-Net, and Networking. She also had the students complete a “hand-shaking” exercise which emphasized how to greet a potential employer.

Overall, the major purpose in setting up this site visit at the Career Center is to give all my students an opportunity to take advantage of all the services related to the Career Center but also to get my students more prepared in finding a job. This is one way in which I try to get all of my anthropology students to “professionalize” themselves now as opposed to later. Of course, I had a lot of fun again!