Professional Development Anthropology – Guest Speakers that Visited Class

Matt Jorgenson and Eric Bailey

Timothy Shortley and Eric Bailey

During the Spring 2011 Professional Development Anthropology class, I had a number of guest speakers visiting our class. Earlier, I have showed pictures of the Graduate Dean and his staff visiting our class. We were estactic that he came to our class and shared his expertise about graduate school to our students.

We also had FOUR special guest speakers who were apart of the 2nd ANNUAL ECU ANTHROPOLOGY ALUMNI LECTURES series. They were: Timothy Shortley, Matt Joregenson, Fiona Baxter and Crystal Bowe. Each presenter were either former undergraduate or graduate students in ECU’s Anthropology department or took several courses from me in the department of Public Health. It was a delight to have them present to our class!!

Included are a few photos of their special lectures to the Professional Development Anthropology class during the Spring 2011 course.