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Fall 2011 – Cultural Anthropology Class

Cultural Anthropology Class - Fall 2011

Cultural Anthropology class - Fall 2011

It’s another fall semester and another opportunity for me to teach cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology is a course that I truly enjoy teaching because it is not only a chance to highlight the significance of culture in our lives but it is also a chance for me to see how students recognize its significance in their lives.

My Cultural Anthropology course has three major objectives. They are:
1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of Cultural Anthropology – its fundamental principles and key concepts.
2. To encourage awareness of cultural and human diversity.
3. To help all students make sense of our increasingly interconnected world and to find their particular place in it.

This course also provides students to achieve three major basic science goals. They are:
1. Students will learn the subject matter of at least one discipline in the Basic Social Science.
2. Students will learn the research methodology, principles and concepts required to understand and conduct undergraduate-level research in a Basic Social Science.
3. Students will learn about the discipline’s contribution to general knowledge.

In this cultural anthropology class, I try to teach it in a completely different way than your typical college course. Although we have your typical lectures, the lectures are designed to focus on the practical aspects of culture and how it relates to a student’s life. In addition, I take students out-of-the-classroom so that we can use different aspects of cultural anthropology such as fieldwork to investigate various aspects of university culture and human culture.

Here are a couple of photos of my Cultural Anthropology class. I know they are ready to take a new approach in learning about culture and I look forward to making this class as exciting and entertaining as possible once again!